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fear of being arre●sted for unseemly exposure soon left us.Ja▓mes, in national costume, attracted much l▓ess attention than I, in the remnants o▓f jacket and trousers. Just one advance agen●t of modern civilization had reache▓d Rehang.Bill posters had decorated seve▓ral blank walls with huge lithog▓raphs announcing, in Siamese letters a foo●t high, the merits of a well-known sewing ▓machine.That we had expected, of c●ourse.In the back waters of modern ▓progress are a few hamlets where Milwaukee b▓eer is unknown, but the trave●ler who extends his explorations so far int▓o the wilds as to discover a community igno▓rant of the existence of the Ame▓rican sewing machine merits decoration by t●he Royal Geographical Society. It was▓ easy, however, to overlook the backwardness of ●this tumble-down 440thorp on the banks of th●e Menam; at least it was a market to●wn.James dashed into the first

booth wit●h a whoop of delight and sta▓rtled the keeper out of his wits by ●de

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